Welcome To Joyce Philip Counselling

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  MBACP (Accred.) 
UKRCP Reg. Ind. Counsellor/Psychotherapist
      PGDipPCT        DipCOT
 *Unfortunately at the moment (26/05/24) I have no availability 
Please refer to The Counselling Directory for other accredited therapists*
Joyce Philip Counselling is a professional service
based in Inverurie.
Counselling can be helpful for someone who is experiencing a difficulty
or uncomfortable time in their life, a time when something is.......
"just not quite right"! 
As a Person Centred counsellor I strive to
  • listen without judgement for the truth of every person's own experience/story;
  • stay with the person's story of experience, trusting that they know the best way forward; 
  • believe in the human need to move forward in times of chaos or crisis;
  • try, as far as reasonably possible, to see things from the other person's shoes; 
  • be genuinely interested in that person; 
  • be as open and honest within sessions to create a safe space where another can be heard.


As a Person Centred counsellor I have learnt not to:
  • direct or advise;  
  • interpret anothers inner motivation;
  • see someone as labelled by a diagnosis;  
  • see my understanding of the situation as preferred;  
  • see myself as the expert.                                      (Charles O'leary 1999)  
 Kemnay Autumn  


By offering this to another hopefully they will be able to find themselves and what it is they want.