Feedback received from clients, past and present. 
(It's been an honour and a privilege to share your stories and 
journeys with you guys!  Sincere thanks J.P. x )
"I went to see Joyce as I had numerous issues relating to anxiety and depression. 
I immediately felt at ease with her empathy, and non-judgemental understanding. 
With her expert help I learned to improve my coping skills and to lead a more fulfilling life.
I really feel she has positively helped me in so many ways.  Thank you."
(M - Jan 2022)
"Just over a year ago I started a session with Joyce in a somewhat cynical frame of mind: I had been in contact
with other psychotherapists not all that long before but had I really benifitted enough?
I was an old guy who had weighed myself up and passed judgement - failure as a person, failure as a husband and
carrying an articulated lorryload of guilt.  Sentence passed, I believed - depression and too regularly an explosive anger.
Many of us quite possibly have memories, thoughts, secrets, whatever , that we cannot bring ourselves to voice or even visit.  
I was in that club and after only a few sessions with her found, to my amazement, that I was opening up to Joyce 
in a way I had never done with anyone else.  Another session or so and after I am shaking my head in bewilderment : how does she so swiftly and precisely find the key that will fit and open that particular closed door in my mind?
I soon realised that here I was speaking with someone who actually listened and offered support, kindness and (no apologies for a word that has appeared in other testimonials) empathy.  Therapy sessions can be tough going but, at times, they need to be to encourage one to think when not doing so would be so much easier.  Joyce with that friendliness and sense of humour knows when to stop and in, athletic terms, let you gather your wind and have a wee bit of respite.
Joyce has shone the equivalent of a searchlight into areas of my mind that were either pitch-black or being misinterpreted.  Now I can see
so much more and don't have to consider myself a fifth rate human who ought to feel hugely guilty.
I live at the other end of Great Britain from Joyce so every session had to be online via Zoom.  Would I feel at a distance just seeing a face on the computer screen?  Never did or do: when I see that smile and hear that voice it is as if she is in the room with me by my side and I am calmer and happier.  Can anybody ask for any more from a therapist?  Not I certainly."
(M - Nov 2021)
"I visited Joyce on a number of occasions throughout 2019 to talk through
problems relating to suffering multiple miscarriages.  
Her warm and empathetic approach made me feel very comfortable
with opening up on a topic that I felt very private about. 
Through these sessions I better understood why I was feeling the way 
I felt which really helped with trying to take a more positive outlook
at a time when I felt everything seemed pretty bleak."
(F- Feb 2021)
"On world health day I want to thank you, without you
I would not be in the place I am in today.
I need check ins and a chance to regroup with you at times but the tools and
conversations we have had, have honestly set me up for life.
You do an amazing job! Thank you xxx "
(F - Oct 2020)
"I arrived at Joyces door with a lot of stresses,
and I was very low and struggling to function. 
The stresses are still there, but the way I'm dealing with it all has altered a bit. 
I know my limits.  And I've learned a lot about my priorities and motivations.
At times sessions were hard. Things we discussed stayed with me. 
But I suppose that was me facing up to it. 
Or maybe processing what was happening.  Or becoming more aware.
I think Joyce is great.  I find her very honest, reflective, and funny.  We laughed a lot.
Although I can't say "I'm fixed", I can say "I'm coping" with my life better. 
I feel more like the capable woman I was, and it feels great to be managing again."
(F-May 2019)
  "Joyce, through our counselling it allowed me to discover my own self-worth which had always been there but I was blind and unwilling to acknowledge.
A lost soul who was increasingly becoming focused in negative thoughts, trapped in a self-centered world/dark hole made by my own self-doubts, cutting off people who cared for me in the process.  I discovered the ability to LOOK UP and pull myself back into the light, slowly gaining strength to try and accept my own self that deep down had always existed. 
Now, if I do wobble and start to slide back into the darkness, I have the ability to draw breath, gather my thoughts, readjust and step away, count my blessings and believe in me. I do possess decent traits that wrongly I believed were weaknesses but now understand and am lucky to have. My spirit maybe needed a reboot? 
Thank you for all your patience and guidance to allow me to help myself evolve into who I want to become (still a work in progress)."
(M-Jan 2019)
"JP, Thanks for helping me live life again!
It also means a lot to know that the door is open
for me to come back again, should I need to."
(F-Sept 2018)
"Working with Joyce has been a real eye opener,
in the best possible way.
Her style is very warm, down to earth and genuine 
and we got to the root of my issues pretty quick.
It only took a few sessions for me to feel much 
better about my world and my place in it.  
If you're considering counselling
I can highly recommend Joyce.
Thanks again for everything." 
(F - April 2018)
"When I first came to you I was totally lost. 
Week by week you have helped me get better. 
Always understanding and never judging. 
You have helped me so much along the way. 
You are a fantastic counsellor, think I knew that
the very first time I saw your friendly face online." 
(F - Sept 2017) 
"Hello!  Just wanted to say thanks.
Three sessions with you helped me to see my
relationship was not going to work.
I'd tried for long enough...
After your sessions I ended it for good.....
I am the happiest I have ever been!
Thanks again!"
(F - Sept 2016)
Verse 4
"So thank you dear Joyce, for hearing my voice,
for the help to turn my life about.
The dark clouds have passed, I see sunshine at last,
and its all down to YOU I've no doubt."
(M - Feb 2016)
"Just want to say that in a short space of time, your help and understanding
made me feel I'm not alone. I will miss our chats. Thank you."
(F - Dec 2015)
"I'd like to say a big thanks for your assistance. 
Your style of counselling is very down to earth,
sympathetic and easy to comprehend in times of stress,
and has helped me see things more clearly."
(M - Dec 2015)
"I'm so grateful to you for giving me that faith
in me that I deserve to be happy."
(F- Dec 2015)


"Thank you for the times you so patiently listened to my blethers. 
Carry on the good work quine!"
(F - Dec 2015)

"Well, it's been a year since my first session with you.  It's hard to believe how far I've come.  In hindsight when we met, I was so overwhelmed with my emotions, that I chose to numb them.  I felt disconnected and empty and without hope.  I was in a very sad and lonely place.

You were generous with your empathy, you listened without judgement, you did not pigeon hole me, you allowed me to speak my truth, the part of me I was too afraid to face and hadn't yet learned to cope with, the parts of myself I had abandoned and rejected.  You gifted me a safe space to explore my true feelings.

I'm learning to trust my instincts and stand firm in my decisions because they are no longer made from a place of fear.  When we talk it feels like a special and shared experience, like we are both learning from each other.  I am so grateful.  From the deepest parts of my being, thank you.  I know my journey isn't over and I'm excited for all I will learn in the future, but for now and for the first time in a long time, I finally feel free to be myself again.  I feel deserving of love.  I feel hopeful."

F - (April 2014)


 "I can't put into words how much you have helped me the last few months.

I'm so grateful that I have been able to work through some issues,

try to forgive myself and move on. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an amazing counsellor.

F- (March 2014)



" from the first minute I met Joyce she immediately put me at ease.I felt extremely comfortable in her presence and knew then that she was the right person for me to talk too. Talking and opening up can be extremely difficult but with Joyce I was surprised at how much I opened up and how comfortable I felt in doing so.An extremely talented and professional lady."

F - (March 2014) 





"When I first made the decision to contact Joyce, I knew where I wanted to get to in life but could not see the best path to follow to achieve this and was not really sure that it was the best thing to even do! Staying in my own little paddock was far safer really, it was after all what I had done for most of my life. I had tried counselling before, but never really managed to engage in the process, then following several life events all happening at the same time, a friend recommended Joyce, thank goodness! Joyce gently guided me along through my journey of realisation and allowed me to see that the path was there for me to follow and helped me see that whatever choice I made I did indeed deserve to be happy. Now I am stronger, happier and more self assured or should that be more full of love for myself? Either way, thanks to Joyce I am treating myself more kindly. I am now out of the paddock, out the field and heading on up the hills, just like I always dreamed but could not see how to achieve."

F - (11/10/12)



counselling (noun) - the provision of professional assistance & guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems.


"Joyce encapsulates this definition in every way.  

Despite a shaky start where I would relinquish no control nor concede anything, Joyce has taught me to release my feelings, be myself (although we continue to explore just who I am!), like myself despite those actions that were necessary but that I am not particularly proud of, and most importantly see I cannot control all things for everyone around me all of the time.  

She is astute, empathetic, non judgemental & challenges me to explore my feelings. I cannot imagine my life had I not sought her help. Having seen her for over a year I now never fail to leave with a smile on my face, a spring in my step & with plenty thoughts to explore further. This in contrast to a wreck of a girl who felt the need to bring tissue supplies of her own only a few months ago.

F - (04/09/12)





"Cannot thank Joyce enough for the understanding and time spent with me.

From our first meeting I felt at ease with Joyce and over our sessions

she was able to unravel some of my feelings/emotions from my past

that were affecting me and stopping me being able to live life.

As I now know we are a very complex creature but Joyce had all the skills

to unlock issues from my past that I had not properly dealt with.

I now feel stronger in my self to deal with what professional and personal

life throws my way thanks to very kind and understanding couthie quine

that is Joyce Philip." 

M - (26/08/12)








"When I was at my worst and did not know what to do with myself,

the best decision I made was to get in contact with Joyce.
She provided the safe, understanding environment

I needed to be able to work through my troubles and helped me find my own path again.
Thank you for your time, patience and confidentiality,

I no longer feel lost and helpless, but confident, cheery and hopeful."
M - (08/08/12)





"I can't thank you enough for helping me to find who I am

again. You have a very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere

and are very easy to speak to.

Thanks again for helping me realise "I'm not that bad".  

F - (02/11/11)








"Thank you so much for all your help and support

during the last few months.I couldn't have found a better person to get me back to me! 

It was hard trying to make sense of my feelings

but you always made me feel safe and comfortable.

Your genuine empathy and understanding made it easier for me

to share things with you that I'd never been able to tell anyone else -

your sense of humour helped a lot too!"

F - (01/11/11)





"I was quite unprepared for the rollercoaster of emotions

that unravelled over the counselling sessions with Joyce.

However, her genuine warmth and empathy

made me feel able to talk freely about my experience.

The sense of ease after each session was very powerful

and I believe the safe and relaxed environment,

and Joyce's friendly manner played

a significant part in helping me to move forward" 

F - (01/07/2011)




"After years of locking away lots of bad and disturbing feelings

Joyce has helped me greatly.

I feel like my mind has had a 'right good clean out'

and life feels much clearer now.

I have tried counselling in the past and didn't find it helpful

until I was recommended Joyce.

She has the perfect balance between being professional

and naturally compassionate.

When I compare myself to the person I was before seeing Joyce,
it's like looking at a different person to the one I am now."  

F - (30/06/2011)




"Joyce has helped me so much.

I've been fighting through bereavement and divorce

and she has really helped me see a way forward.

She is warm, caring and straightforward

and has a way of helping me see things in a different light.

Thanks for all your help so far." 

F - (23/06/2011)




These messages were sent by text/email then downloaded


with many thanks J.P.